Prime Interiors

Residential Interior Designing

Keeping the clients away from all the botheration and hassles and guaranteeing all the peace and satisfaction in Gujarat, M.P., Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra , we provide interior designing solutions for homes- all works from estimation to final inspection. Converting the houses to homes, we make the owners feel pride of their dwellings and, of course this makes others feel jealous.

Living Room Interior Designing

From the placement of the furniture, selection of the upholstery and furnishings to abiding the theme & mood required for the living space with the latest-in-market trends, the specialist, specially design the living area …. Please both the host and the guest... Prime bond guaranteed!!

Dining Room Interior Designing

Our designs match the furnishings and overall tone of the interior dining spaces. The designs come in various colors and styles with a wide range of design choices to meet the clients taste, need and comfort. The designs make the area appear spacious and bright.... Prime for relishing the favorites!

Bed room interior Designing

For the awesome look of the bedroom, the designers remodel or re-engineer the bedroom in accordance to the taste and needs and beautify it with exquisite patterns, color schemes, intricately placed furniture and accessories- creating Prime combination of aesthetic and contemporary look!

Kitchen's Interior Designing

For the Prime Kitchen, there has to be things laid in a manner that is both aesthetic and user friendly- and that is what the designers make … the Prime kitchen! They assist through a wide array of designs with a combination of colors, styles, textures that blend in harmony in accordance with the needs and taste of the clients. We also remodel and re-engineer the kitchen to get the exact desired feel and looks.

Commercial Interior Designing

To cater to the specific, high quality, efficient designing requirements of the commercial establishments, we have highly efficient and expert designers.... making things the ways the clients need and have imagined. Creating reality from imaginations!!

Showroom Designing Services

With our expertise in designing we have designed showrooms for jewelry showroom, kitchen chains, product display rooms etc with a wide spectrum of exquisite design layouts. With our satisfied esteemed clients, we have attained a position of Pride.

Hotel and Restaurant Designing and Decoration Services

We meticulously design the hotel and restaurants providing an ambiance that invites the guests with great comfort and awesome feel. Every step of the process is monitored leaving no scope for any complains. To execute- the designing and decoration, we make the basic layout to design and draft for the hotel or restaurant and do construction with includes carpentry, lighting, interior and exterior designs.

Corporate interior Designing

To create unique designs for our corporate, we blend the uniqueness of style with the elegance. We conceptualize, plan and design conference rooms, work spaces, corridors, etc with our long trusted expertise.

The area of expertise for designing includes

Designing of Workplace to implement the business objectives
Strategies for workplace accommodation and flexible working conditions
Planning and designing of office interior
Corporate office refurbishment and relocation
Create high quality, effective working environments

Corporate Office Interior Designing

Firstly we understand the needs and vision of the corporate office requirements. Working in conjunction with them, keeping up the corporate identity, we design. These designs enable us in delivering the Corporate with the design for the interiors that portrays their vision and entity. All essentials like judicious and harmonic use of the space and overall aesthetics... taken care of!

Contract Turnkey Projects

We have successfully completed many contracts and turnkey projects in Gujarat, MP, Rajasthan, Punjab and Maharashtra in the past fifteen years. Our excellent services to the variety of clients have earned us a reputation, adding more and more happy clients.

We are equipped with all the requisites like machinery, tools and trained man power for the successful completion of our projects on time. The project coordinators closely monitor the progress at all stages so that no part is left unattended or unnoticed for any possible complains from the client. Ensuring the client's happiness!

Our happy clients talk about interior work which includes civil, false ceilings, flooring, carpentry, electrical plumbing, furnishings, paintings etc. This way they also refer our highly experienced and dedicated work to others in the market ….adding more and more clients for us to make happy.